FG Begins NationWide Loan

Are you trying to find the newest grants and loans with the lowest or no interest? The Federal Government’s and other national and international organizations’ current loan offerings are listed below.


In Nigeria, obtaining a loan with minimal or no interest is quite easy. As you read on, we’ll go over several key considerations and even explain how to obtain a loan for free in Nigeria.

Before you apply for a loan, there are a few things you should first grasp. For instance, SMEDAN, a government agency, frequently grants loans. They recently joined forces with Jaiz Bank Plc to support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

Small and medium-sized businesses can apply for non-interest loans up to N5 million in size.

In an effort to maximize the potential of new graduates as entrepreneurs, the Central Bank of Nigeria launched the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES). hence this is also an opportunity for you if you are a new graduate who recently started your own business.

The bank claims that the program’s annual goal of funding entrepreneurs will result in the creation of steady employment each year.

Below are ongoing loans- be the first to apply before it ends.


Amount: N1.5 million

2.)N25m Loans for Graduate Entrepreneurs

Amount: ₦25m

3.) SME Loan for Small Business

Amount: ₦5m each

4.)N40,000 Free Salary to 774,000 Applicants

Amount: ₦40,00 each

5.) FG Loan: N150k – 2millon (For Nigerian)

Amount: ₦150,000 and above

6.) ₦300k FG Trader Moni Loan – Have you applied

Amount: ₦300,000

Disclaimer: We do not influence the ongoing registration. Our job is to provide the necessary information required for you to be selected.


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