Fully Funded Clark University Scholarships 2024

Founded in 1887, Clark University is a prestigious private research university located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Clark is committed to providing scholarships to make education accessible for all admitted students, regardless of their their financial situation.


The university offers fully-funded scholarships covering not just tuition but also housing, meals, textbooks, and living expenses. These life-changing opportunities empower students to focus on academic and personal growth.

Types of Scholarships

Presidential LEEP* Full tuition plus funding for research/internships 
* Recognizes academic excellence and leadership potential
Global Scholars* For international students 
* Covers full tuition and living expenses
Robert Goddard (STEM)* For STEM majors 
* Full tuition plus NASA research/internship funding
Jonas Clark* Need-based 
* Full tuition plus small living stipend
Achievement Awards* Merit/need-based 
* Partial tuition
Consul General* For students from partner countries 
* Partial or full tuition
Departmental* Field-specific criteria 
* Offered within academic departments


Clark University’s fully-funded scholarship offerings allow students to:

  • Focus on studies without financial limitation
  • Access world-class education and resources
  • Broaden perspectives through international experiences
  • Build career-enhancing connections and skills

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for these competitive scholarships, applicants generally need:

  1. Academic excellence – high GPAs, test scores, etc.
  2. Demonstrated financial need via documents
  3. Leadership experience – extracurriculars, volunteering, etc.
  4. Fulfillment of any specific departmental criteria

How to Apply

Follow these steps:

  1. Open an account here
  2. Fill out required forms
  3. Submit all documents
  4. Check the status through the account

Learn more at the Clark University website. Apply early and join a diverse community focused on advancing academics and society.



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